Sergio Lucas

Structural engineer Eiken / Switzerland

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Sergio Lucas
As engineers, we accept the challenges to design an innovate solutions that fits our client needs. We are continuously developing and adjusting the dome geometry making it bigger and wider. We already have a clear span of over 200m diameter and keep on looking for new ways to boost your storage capacity.
We wish to provide you answers and exceed your demands.

Understanding and working together with nature! Cover your stockyard with a dome.

Your project, your requirements but the tailor made Dome solution solves your dust problems and keeps your raw material dry and ready to be used.
Efficient of design is combine with elegance but adds earthquake resistance, fire stability and a life cycle over 50 years. This is achieved also in corrosion environments, it will provide the lowest or nil maintenance with proven examples.

Our engineering team is ready to support and solve your demands, the dome can go over 730'000 m3 / 25'780'000 ft3 of storage capacity and be used with a wide list of dry bulk materials.

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Sergio Lucas
Sergio Lucas
  • Address Sisslerstrasse 15, 5074 Eiken | Switzerland
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