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Designer Milan / Italy

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Sandro Santantonio
Design Studio Sandro Santantonio works in the fields of Architecture, Interior & Industrial Design, Graphics, Packaging & Fashion Design with particular attention to the research of tendencies, the study of innovative materials and new technologies in contract field, fashion and lightning industry. Moreover Sandro Santantonio Design promotes the diffusion and advertising of the effected researches and the obtained results by publications in national and international magazines and the participation in events and artistic happenings. Sandro Santantonio Design, a multi-language and multi-cultural group, boasts of an excellent knowledge in professional designing disciplines. The group represents a perfect syntheses in the various fields of contemporary design. From product design to domestic interiors or contract, from expositions to events, those are all arguments developed together with expertness, because all elements making up the Studio have distinguished experiences and tasks; in this way its possible to be creative all around 360°.
The combinations of concept and technical knowledge is the fundament of our philosophy: an always original and exciting imprint. Design Studio Sandro Santantonio has achieved various recognitions, such a the special mentioning at the Young&Design award 2004 for the Flower chair, two special mentioning at the Young&Design award 2005 for the sectional sofa Dune and the lamps collection Zoe, the special mentioning at the Young&Design award 2006 for the table Wave and the First Prize at the competition for nautical design Abitare il Mare 2006 by the Seatec- Carrara Fiere thanks to the project of a cruise ships luxury cabin and at last the Special Prize "for the project that better has individualized innovative solutions in one logic of maximum simplicity Young & Design 2007 for the lamps collection Trinity.
Sandro Santantonio
Sandro Santantonio
  • Address Via privata Cascia 6, 20128 Milan | Italy
  • Tel +39022591750
  • Fax +390236580779

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