PIZZA4P's Emporium

It is a new store of “PIZZA4P's” selected as “Monocle World's 50 Best Restaurants”. Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam / 2019

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 The popularity of 『Pizza 4P ’s』 is not limited to Vietnam.

 Popular factors are the deliciousness of the pizza, the smile of the staff, the pleasantness of the response, and the design of the store.

Another factor is the company's reputation for its concept and ingredients, including its own production of cheese that had not been produced in Vietnam, and the use of fresh vegetables in partnership with domestic organic farmers.

Currently, it is attracting a great deal of attention from various countries, including 『NY TIMES』 and 『BBC』, as well as being selected as 『Monocle World's 50 Best Restaurants』.

 The brand concept is 『Make the World Smile for Peace』. To that end, they seem to have a mission of 『Delivering Wow, Sharing Happiness』.

 I thought about what to do to express 『Pizza 4P‘s』 in the interior design of the new store of 『THE EMPORIUM』.

 First, planting was effectively incorporated.

We considered removing the feeling of closure as much as possible and creating an open and relaxing environment.

I wanted customer to have a happy time at 『PIZZA4P ’s』.

 Next, we created curved gates and partitions.

In order to make family and lovers have a happy time, I thought of a mild, friendly, dynamic and exciting design.

 The material is mainly natural materials such as concrete, wood and terrazzo, and I tried to create an eco-friendly store.

In addition, recycled glass is used for the Terrazzo aggregate, and a special board made of compressed waste material is used for the drink counter.

 Indigo, which has been loved by both Japanese culture and Vietnamese culture, is used as an accent color as a symbol to respect both countries.

 Adopting brass as a point, the glossy feeling of metal special tightens the space and incorporates elegance as an element.

 I am currently designing another store so please look forward to it.

Thank you very much!


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