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Office premises for app developing company Brno / 2018

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Architect                                Studio Perspektiv s.r.o.


Contact e-mail                     [email protected]

Project location                    Brno

Client                                     The FUNTASTY

Project year                          2017-2018

Completion year                  2018

Project size                           330 m2

Photo credits                        Boysplaynice,

Authors                                 Martin Stára

                                               Ján Antal

Collaboraters                       Andrej Tušan

                                               Kateřina Burešová

                                               Branislav Bašista



FUNTASTY, a mobile app development company from Brno, Czech Republic, has just made itself at home in a unique conversion of a former parking garage. The new work environment serving forty-two developers, coders and designers was brought to life by Studio Perspektiv.

Dozens of cars cruising the garage every day have given way to a full-fledged office without compromises. By completion of this generously equipped office a much larger company could brag about, FUNTASTY achieved the necessary freedom, flexibility and opportunity to throw social events and gatherings in a spacious social zone richly supported by the community kitchen overlooking Kounicova Street.

Studio Perspektiv decided to incorporate certain aspects of the rather peculiar parking garage aesthetics, e.g. narrow construction elements, and make them shine. After the cars left, a vast, empty space remained. A space to be filled carefully, not just sliced and divided into ordinary cubicles. Semi-transparent meeting rooms appeared, separating individual work nests, yet keeping the space continuous and flowing. The abandoned layout was transformed into a walkthrough experience full of community areas, spots dedicated to cooperation and creativity, lounge zones and remote islands for calm, focused work.

Sometimes even technologies have heart. There is one, beating right in the middle of FUNTASTY office. Finely crafted “bookcase” showcasing various mobile devices is where all the apps are put to trial by fire. Thanks to its complexity, it looks neat and simple.  

With the use of seemingly contradicting technological approaches, materials and colors a fragile and cultivated dialogue of contrasts is apparent all around. Only due to unique combination of cool and warm shades in particular ratios used along with layering transparent and translucent constructions it has been possible to attain a captivating illusion of depth and distant views.

Soft, cosy wood of spruce laths and hard, cold surface of copilite panels yell and swear at each other from time to time, but when it comes to something really important, they get along pretty easily. Like when it’s necessary to define spaces for individual work and cooperation, or when it’s essential to connect people together. The naked and exposed technological ceiling seems as it has just covered itself with a white veil. And its pipes and ducts buzz and hum quietly in the background…

Almost every piece of furniture was crafted and created bespoke, as it was a challenge to fulfill the high aesthetical and functional requirements of the client. Desks were designed in cooperation with Master & Master, contemporary Czech furniture manufacturers. Czech design is also present in a form of Whistle lights by Brokis, illuminating the hot desk space in the central area. Creative and funny illustrations by Karolína Stryková brighten the atmosphere, reminding employees and visitors of the company’s history and vision.


Products and brands


·         desks, Master & Master

·         pendant light Whistle, Brokis

·         illustrations, Karolína Stryková

·         mobile devices "bookcase" called Device Lab, bespoke

·         flower pot stands Cibele, OK Design

·         lamps Loft & Signal, Jielde

·         pendant light La Cage,



Studio Perspektiv

We are Studio Perspektiv. A team of architects and designers eager to change the world of office environment. Our mission is to transform unexciting traditional workplaces into inspirative environments full of impulses that fuel interaction and collaboration between teams and their members. Quality environment will help your team be more effective and focused in their work. When we design, we delve deep into the core needs of your company and strive to create unique concepts which will fulfil your desires. This approach is proven to help companies build and empower their culture. All of this was carefully tested and refined over more than 30 000 square meters of offices we built.



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