Paolo Vernier

Designer Italia / Italy

Paolo Vernier 1
Paolo Vernier
He was born in 1946 and has been designingchairs since he was young, learning at an early age how to develop ideas intodesigns and implement them. The slightest irregularity or technical defectmotivates him to improve and find the most ingenious solutions.

It can be said that he matured along with hisproducts. After learning techniques and refining his skills, he established thecompany Midj in 1988, successfully combining both qualities.

Thanks to Paolo, Midj is now well-known worldwide.He continuously travels, acquires knowledge, learns and brings experiences andmanagerial and creative skills to the company.

Although chairs have always been a fundamentalpart of his life, he has not stopped being keenly interested in contemporarytaste and style: in addition to chairs such as “Zelig” and “Cordova”, he alsodesigns tables including “Bond” and “Premiere”.

He prefers simple elegant lines for his designprojects, which adapt to all types of home environment, especially contemporaryones, ensuring that his products are always bestsellers.

When drawing, he pays meticulous attention to technicaland design features that allow an excellent quality-price ratio: he is the onlydesigner who knows how to combine creativity and technology, which are usually twoseparate areas that are not easily compatible.

He has managed to exploit his natural talent andestablished a successful company, thanks to his qualities of tenacity, determination,energy, farsightedness, great creativity and curiosity, which characterise his infinitesolutions in style and design.
Paolo Vernier
Paolo Vernier