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Tokyo / United Kingdom

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Jun Aoki
Jun  Aoki
Jun Aoki

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Having graduated from Tokyo University Jun Aoki worked at Arata Isozaki & Associates before establishing his own Tokyo-based practice in 1991 to do 'anything that seemed interesting'. Subsequent works have included diverse directions such as a series of houses, public architecture, and fashion boutiques as a current series of Louis Vuitton stores in Japan, Hong Kong and New York. A swimming pool at YUSUIKAN(1993) that investigates some of the themes of the more recent project, FUKUSHIMA LAGOON MUSEUM(1997) which won the Architectural Institute of Japan Annual Award, the AOMORI MUSEUM OF ART, the Grand Award of the international competition completed 2006. The most recent works are the 28th floors office building with luxury shopping mall at L’Avenue Shanghai in China(2013), a public indoor pool and gymnastic area beneath an opened park in residential area of Tokyo at OMIYAMAE GYMNASIUM(2014), and 1000 seated auditorium MIYOSHI CITY HALL(2015) in Hiroshima. An artwork at U bis shows another side of his creation as an artist. Commended his architectural achievements, Jun Aoki was awarded The Minister of Education’s Art Encouragement Prize in 2005.