Jean-Christophe Quinton

Architect Paris / France

Jean-Christophe   Quinton 1
Jean-Christophe Quinton
French architect Jérôme Malpel graduated from the EAVT Paris where he studied in Jacques Lucan’s Theory and Project atelier. Jérôme has worked at Franco-Brasilian agency Tryptique in Sao Paolo and at Alejandro Sticotti’s studio in Buenos Aires. Whilst practicing as an architect between South America and Paris, Jérôme also continued to pursue a number of independent architectural projects, and has now settled in Stockholm, where he works at the Elding Oscarson agency.
Jean-Christophe   Quinton
Jean-Christophe Quinton
  • Address 9 Rue Bailly, 75003 Paris | France
  • Tel 09 73 53 46 34