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Architect Catania / Italy

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Giuseppe Maccarrone
I'm a true volcanic guy: I was born at the footsteps of the greatest active volcano in Europe and I breathed since I was a baby the ashes and the smell of the flames, but also the salty sweety of the sea breeze.
I'm a workaholic designer and creative director based in Sicily (South Italy and mediterrenean area) and Veneto (North Italy, central and eastern Europe).
I’m working as a drawer and freelance designer since 2007 starting at STM Ingegneria, still a student, a collaboration that is still going on. In 2008 i designed my first private home, in 2010 I designed together with Emanuele D’Amico a proposal for a visitor center and mediatheque in Catania at the Gioeni urban park (CT), in 2011 I am the lead member of a team working on two great challenges, a proposal concept and design for an auditorium, concert hall and cultural center based in the suburbs of Catania and a master plan, concept and set up for MAGMA Museum for Fiumara d’arte in Librino, popular suburb in Catania.
In 2012 I joined a team of young talented students from Tuscany and I had the great chance to work at the contest for the head office of Ragusa’s Architectural Association, later I personally developed the final design and the construction details for the University of Catania under the supervision of Prof. C. Fianchino and Prof. G. Sciuto. In 2013 I signed my first professional architectural concepts designing a factory and private home in Sicily.

In 2014 I joined an autoconstruction team at UNICT and it was the birth of ZERO+ team (I developed the concept of a cardboard parametric origami pavillion - working together Federica Caliò that helped me a lot thinking the motion mechanism and all the detailings); after that next Xmas we built an open air installation in San Berillo district (Catania) for ReBa named WEAVER. In 2015 I won the 1ST PRIZE EX AEQUO during the International workshop in Mascali. In 2017 I start my internship and collaboration with A. Iraci and partners working on private homes, stores, restaurants, lounge bars, dwellings, landscape, interior design, detailing, 3D modeling and visual rendering.

My latest major challenges were an international competition in 2017 in Bologna leading PIXEL, a team of great and talented colleagues: we adopted an orizontal decision making process but I was responsible for, and I proposed, the main, general design strategies, concept and masterplan. The second one was a restyling and interior design of a private home.

In 2018 I started my own design firm M79 based in Catania and Ossigeno: a research and consultancy studio for design and a laboratory in which architecture is fertilized and hybridized with knowledge from a wide range of disciplines. I'm also really into graphics and visual arts so, with Ossigeno, I’m working on many minor and major graphic design projects for both private and public contractors; Brand Identity online magazine “Errata Corrige”, “Vulcani Attivi”, Progetto Cultura Blog- Brand Identity, for my company “Azienda Agricola Maccarrone”, ZOOM Zafferana oltre le origini il mito, M79, Mascali la Contea Verde, Cooperativa Agricola Zaufanah, Natura & Musica. In 2014 I applied for a position in Turin: I submitted my curriculum and I was selected to join Fabrica team, working hard on an exhibition, art happening and performing together with Sam Baron and Catarina Carreiras.

I was co-founder of Progetto_Cultura 1.0 think tank, that later became Vulcani Attivi 2.0; that experience is in stand-by at the moment. Occasionally I wrote several essays, I reviewed books and I had the chance to interview some of the greatest main characters in the architectural practice nowadays: Claudio Lucchesi from UFO, Paolo Colonna from Renzo Piano building workshop, Jurgen Mayer I wrote for an online magazine based in Rome “Pensieri di Cartapesta".
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Giuseppe Maccarrone
Giuseppe Maccarrone