Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà

Designer Brescia / Italy

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Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà
All the adventures, my passions have started from an encounter, with one or more persons of which me it has hit the inner world, the genenerosity, the sensitivity, that it is for me a form of often tenaciously conquered emotional intelligence, other times derivative from a suffering from an uneasiness that it forces to us to watch inside , sincerely within and consequently to pick the shadings also in the others lucid not to give for discounted null, the sensitivity therefore are the characteristic that more hits to me in a person, more of the intelligence that often for someone is
only a uselessly received gift.
I define myself partially technical unwillingly, my scholastic formation before, my working experiences then have formed to me under this profile, has taught to me that the rigor that only some technicians have, is a value.
During the process that it begins from the sketch in order to arrive to the finished product I have uncovered that exists infinite aspect, that they pass from the details, and the system that often are stretched to take, remove part of the valence of the plan begin them, and in this phase to have matured this experience avoids partially these disadvantages.
On the other hand but I feel a creative, like many other persons
that they do not know not even of being it (even if the canonical arts naturally) from always my happiness do not even exist only pass from a white sheet whit a pencil, still before being a product ,who or the umpteenth lamp or a cathedral, or features of an object, of a sculpture or a poetryis the idea that crystallizes on the sheet white , for me it has been always like this.
Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà
Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà

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