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Designer Milan / Italy

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Francesco Costacurta
Francesco  Costacurta
Francesco Costacurta

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I am a freelance industrial designer and I am a part of senior designer group called Whynot With a user oriented approach I am developing design solutions that raise people’s quality of life, practically and emotionally. I like to combine good problem solving with creativity to create meaningful products. I enjoy designing for user experience, creating desirable and long lasting products. Solutions should emerge from relevant problems and be realized only to give the user a more pleasurable and valuable experience, when using a product. I want gain insight on what influences people’s moods and evoke the best solutions. All and all, I want to be a part of making a positive change. Industrial design - product design - concept - user experience - 3d modelling - CAD - Advanced parametric 3d modeling - Mockup development - Interface design - Product refinement - CMF - Market mapping - Blue Ocean research - Competitive factors identification - Strategic design application - Brand Identity - Brainstorming - Sketching - Design strategy - Product facelift - Cost effective improvement - Functional improvement