Ellen Depoorter

Architect New York, NY / United Kingdom

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Ellen Depoorter
Ellen  Depoorter
Ellen Depoorter
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Ellen graduated as Master in Engineering & Architecture. She is a LEED Accredited Professional and Registered Architect in Belgium. Before starting D+DS ao, Ellen gained a varied experience in several NYC architectural firms. She free- lanced with C3 developments, developing concepts for mixed use centers where Commerce, Community and Creativity converge. At Pompei AD, she was responsible for design and management of the "Urban Outfitters" account. At Rietveld Architects, she worked on new construction office buildings and a small townhouse development. At Poponcini and Lootens in Antwerp, Belgium, she gained experience in high end residential projects, both new houses and renovations. She is also an established artist and has exhibited in numerous venues.