Eero Koivisto

Designer Stockholm / Sweden

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Eero Koivisto
Eero Koivisto
  • Address Östgötagatan 50, 116 64 Stockholm | Sweden
  • Tel +4686445863
  • Fax +4686445883

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He was born in 1958 in karlstad, sweden. While his dad wanted to be an architect, he personally preferred the occupation of a pilot. However,the idea of being an architect later on foreshadowed his career. Influenced by the experience of amusing himself with lego toy building blocks, his enlightenment to architecture popped out all at once. Now, he has gained fame gradully and has multiple titles such as the artistic leader of university college of arts in Stockholme and one of the interiors/architecture designing trio in "Claesson koivisto rune",and also a full-time lecturer for many more schools of economic/arts and crafts.