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Cyril Gorin
Cyril Gorin was born in 1978 in Poitiers. After a technical and creative formation (DUT Mechanical Engineering at Poitiers in 1998, DESCD the European Institute of Design in 2000), he acquired thank to time and experience the tools to format his imagination.
When he created the agency 2X5 Design in 2008, Cyril Gorin has already served for 10 years as a designer integrated into different famous companies on the furniture market.

First apprentice designer in the area of the living room in DUVIVIER, he made then a Paris detour of 3 years in the TRAM agency specializing in the arrangement, POS and product design.
He finally joined in 2003 for 5 years the French leader in retail furniture PARISOT FURNITURE, where he truly discovers all aspects of industrial design profession.

During these experiments, Cyril Gorin was noted for his availability and his realism.
By his profession, he found it necessary to be up to date about news, innovations and technical developments; this is why he' s present in the major European exhibitions (Cologne, Milan, Brussels, ZOW, MOW ...).
Cyril Gorin
Cyril Gorin

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