Chronos Studeos

Architect Lagos, Nigeria / Nigeria

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Chronos Studeos
Chronos Studeos
  • Address Block A, F5, Kay's Courts, Ajah, 23401 Lagos, Nigeria | Nigeria
  • Tel +2348035975703

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Chronos Studeos is an architecture firm consisting of a team of experienced and wholly dedicated Architects and CG artists commissioned by clients to provide a wide range of architectural services. Using state-of-the-art technology, the company conveniently executes 3D modelling and animations for architecture, interior design, graphics and interactive multimedia design projects within often restricted time frames. The multimedia arm of Chronos Studeos also works on branding. We have a proven track record of building and maintaining websites for a varying array of industries, our most recent projects having included a website for a nursery school and a new site for an architecture firm.