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Architect London / United Kingdom

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Anna Fetta
I am an occupational Architect with four years of professional experience. I have acquired and developed knowledge in multiple architectural's area, both in public and private sector.
That' s including Design Developement - Costruction Documentation - Designing and Coordinating Projects - Detailing - Specifications and BOQ.
My talent for versatility is exemplified by role in various types of Projects and International work experience. Working for foreign clients, I have embraced all size about Architectural/Interior Projects, Furniture Design, New Methods, New Materials and New Technologies.
A comprehensive working knowledge of the aspects of construction techniques is one of my clear stregthes. My attention to detail and excellent problem solving skills ensure that every project I work on is done accuratelly and to the highest standard.
I am hard worker and comfortable working as part of a team but my last experience in directing design has provided me with to have the ability to take an authoritive role when the issues arises.
I am a quickly learner and always eager to develop myself both professionally and personally.
I have a passion for Conservation, Restoration of Historic and listed building, their alteration and sympathetic conversion to new use. I believe in the importance of preserving, recycling and embracing our Architectural Past whilst RE-ANIMATING building and over writing with a contemporary layer of our own time.
My professional GOAL is improve my English language and to start my career as Project Manager in International Construction Company.
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Anna Fetta
Anna Fetta
  • Address 56 Wyllen Close, E1 4HQ London | United Kingdom
  • Tel +44 07380262527

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