Alessandro DE MARIA

Architect Latina / Italy

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Alessandro DE MARIA
 Alessandro DE MARIA
Alessandro DE MARIA
  • Address Via Vincenzo Monti, n.12, 04100 Latina | Italy
  • Tel +393404073377
  • Mobile +393404073377

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The mission's main objective is the commitment AdM.ArchBio.Solution That is the fusion of Aesthetics and Ethics. With a wisdom and That 'own, the architecture is protected from the excesses, living the "life beyond ... The seasons, the styles," fashion, finding the balance taste, the human, spiritual, authentic. Giving back to man the added value of the "timeless" and the convenience That comes to housing That over the styles That Represents us. A commitment towards this time the buyers Because of nature That nothing has the power to "tarnish the beauty of Balance" as rooted in the deepest respect for Nature.