Achim Heine

Designer Berlin / Germany

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Achim Heine
Achim Heine
Achim Heine
  • Address Platanenallee 19, 14050 Berlin | Germany
  • Tel +49308540800
  • Fax +493085408099

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Achim Heine (born in 1955) studied mathematics and physics at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt and design at the College of Design in Offenbach. Since 1995, he has operated his own design office in Berlin and has products designed for international companies such as Vitra, or for the Leica Camera AG. His work has been in exhibitions including Amsterdam, London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and Los Angeles. Besides his activity as a product designer, Achim Heine is co-founder and partner of the Office of visual communication Heine / Lenz / Zizka in Frankfurt and Berlin. chim Heine is member of the Presiding Committee of the German Design Council and teaches as a professor of experimental design at the University of the Arts in Berlin.