kfir galatia azulay

Architect Tel Aviv / Israel

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kfir galatia azulay 57
kfir galatia azulay
kfir galatia azulay
kfir galatia azulay
  • Address Gershon Shatz Street, 6701751 Tel Aviv | Israel
  • Tel +972775116107
  • Fax 972775116117

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WHO WE ARE K.O.T architects is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. the studio integrates architecture, interior environments, and product design. We've worked with a variety of local, national, and international clients in the areas of retail, hospitality, residential, and exhibition design. Our love for design, craft, and tailored spaces led us to establish a practice that allows our journey to be both creative and vital. WHAT WE DO The studio focuses on rigorous research and development. It leads projects, of all scales and styles, from conceptualization through cost analysis and construction. Our design process is committed to an attentive process of discovery. This is the core of our practice, as it relies on a deeply-rooted fascination with the act of making. We are a full-service design studio with an expertise in architecture, interior design, fixture design, graphic design, and branding. Working collaboratively under one roof ensures communication levels are high and important details are not lost throughout the design process. We welcome collaborations. Get in touch.