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Didem Demir
The Dem Architecture is an architectural company founded by DidemDemir in Istanbul and continuing its activities since 2009. The Dem Architecture, a member of TMMOB and İstanbul Chamber of Commerce; Architecture, interior architecture, landscaping areas. The Dem Architecture, which continues its work through design and project-to-assembly, is under control throughout the process; It aims to present functional and aesthetic solutions with unique designs in accordance with the needs and desires of users.
"There is no small, useless building or space; It is worth the value of the structures, there are the right solutions that add comfort to the comfort of the user. " To produce accurate and innovative solutions to project owners. Being a leader company in customer satisfaction, not being a leader company in the sector.

Architect DidemDemir

In 2008, she graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture, department and faculty 3rd degree. She continued his education in Istanbul Technical University, Department of Architectural Design immediately afterwards. Successful learning has crowned its life by establishing The Dem Architecture. The projects that he has done and the domestic and foreign fairs that he has participated in, aims to be a trust-oriented architect and firm founder by closely following the innovations.

Cupcake Baby

With the Cupcake Baby brand she founded with her daughter "Alya", which added value to the world in 2014, she aimed to be a pioneer in the sector with its continuity - baby room designs that make a difference with its convertibility.

The story of the baby rooms and every part of their design is an architectural statement that makes the Cupcake Baby brand a furniture brand. "Tracy Hogg applies innovative concepts and stories to baby rooms, such as Melinda Blau, Sandee E. Hathaway, Sheila Ellison, and Susan Ferdinandi, where infant and pregnancy development specialists are informed by adding the Montessori methodology guide.
Didem Demir
Didem Demir
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