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The term Mobeli is derived from the expression “MObility BEyond LImits”, meaning “mobility across all limitations”. The creators of the name thus wished to describe the task of the Mobeli system: grab handles and systems that assist people whose mobility is limited. Simple handling, a high degree of versatility, and user safety are always the guiding stars of all our product developments.

In 2009, the Mobeli development team succeeded in presenting the first grab handle with safety display, which permanently checks the vacuum status and thus the holding force. A love of development, consistently tested quality, and an always open ear for our customers – that‘s what makes Mobeli what it is: The innovative original. The international trade fair REHACARE Düsseldorf 2000 was the start of the new product group “vacuumfastened mobile handholds” which was coined by ROTH.

As a medical product of the MOBELI® brand, these were then tested by TÜV SÜD in accordance with DIN EN 12182 for “Assistive products”. Due to the worldwide application, as support for personal hygiene, the group of mobile grab handles was included in the internationally valid standard ISO 17966:2016 “Assistive products for personal hygiene that support users – General requirements and test methods”. It also describes an important basic requirement for mobile grab handles: “Suction handles shall be equipped with a safety indicator. For example a display showing the residual force (= maximum user mass).” This indicator, which indicates the residual force or the holding force of the grab handle at the attachment point, can be loaded with a certain maximum user mass, depending on the handle. The maximum user mass is indicated individually for each handle. See pages 8 and 9 for more information. The handles have been tested with the specified rated load and an additional safety margin (50 % safety allowance) for 60 seconds. If a handle was approved with a nominal load of 75 kg, it was actually loaded with a force of 112.5 kg during the test. The mobile grab handles should be used to support the natural movement (e.g. standing up from the toilet) and not to carry the whole body weight. This standard specifies the following test methods: mobile grab handles are tested with 75 % of the maximum user mass. The dynamic test is carried out with 40 % of the maximum user mass in 22,000 test cycles (corresponding approximately to the usage stress for 6 years in care facilities/institutions).

We now use the new term maximum user mass due to the changed standard definition (standard ISO 17966:2016). Due to the changed test conditions, our dual grab handle (1400225 S), for example, which was previously marked with a nominal load of 75 kg, has now been designated with a maximum user mass of 100 kg. The mobile MOBELI grab handles comply with the directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices of class I.

Mobile grab handles

The mobile handles are quick and easy to fit and just as easy to remove. Both vacuum pads with a diameter of 120 mm can be pressed simply on a flat, non-porous surface, turn on the vacuum rocker – that‘s it.
Useful accessories such as, shower positioner, double hooks, tub shortener or tray – as well as numerous other helping “Hands” round up the System Mobeli sensibly. The field of application for all mobile telescopic handles can be enhanced considerably by clipping the hinged joint or angle joint adapter between the vacuum pad and the grip bar. Different angles can be achieved and a maximum of flexibility for positioning is made possible.

This innovation of the Mobeli grab handles is simply revolutionary: the only grab handle that permanently monitors its vacuum state and thus its holding strength. The Mobeli safety rocker continuously monitors the vacuum. If the warning jack is recessed in the lever, the adhesive strength is correct and the handle is able to carry its maximum load in all directions. If the warning jack rises and the red edge of the rocker becomes visible, the Mobeli grab handle must be released and newly fastened. Thus, Mobeli grab handles are suitable for persons with impaired eyesight because in case of vacuum loss the risen warning jack can easily be felt. This visual and tactile (two-sense principle) recognition meets the protection goals of DIN 18040:2010.

We have developed the telescopic grip to enable you to attach the grab handle independently of the tile grid. The grab bar has as a standard diameter of 35 mm and in the telescopic area of 24 mm.
All Mobeli grab handle can be conveniently installed without any tools and just as easily disassembled for travelling. The quick release coupling is manufactured of stainless steel, as are all metal parts of the Mobeli system.

Mobeli aids are extremely well-suited for travelling, i.e. they can be quickly and easily put together and just as easily taken apart again, they are light weight and take up surprisingly little space in your luggage. The internal interlocking of Mobeli suction pad and vacuum head results in a substantially higher shear force. Two (or four for Quattro) 120 mm suction pads, made of especially malleable rubber, hold even on slightly structured, pore-tight bathroom and toilet tile surfaces. The particularly large vacuum volume of the Mobeli suction pad ensures that the grab handle remains securely in place for a long time.

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