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NOW & FUTURE is designed to focus on the present and explore the infinite possibilities of contemporary design and future life. With the core concept of "design, sharing, fashion and environmental protection", based on the Chinese culture, integrating international vision and embracing diversified elements, we will build a household brand with both innovation and quality. Through the products, the users' positive and prospective life attitude, simple and environmental life taste and natural and comfortable life style will be conveyed. It is the designers' unremitting pursuit to establish emotional interaction with users and share beautiful designs to more people.
The core concept of design, sharing, fashion and environmental protection advocated by the brand NOW & FUTURE brings a wonderful life experience to users.
NOW & FUTURE brand has presented its excellent manufacturing of products with its mature parametric design and technology, and the details have shown the quality everywhere.
NOW & FUTURE brand continuously explores the relationship between products and space, and expands people's infinite imagination of the living space in the future.
Design Comes From Life--through the observation and thinking of life, the designers interpret all kinds of things in the world with their unique ways of view, aiming to create better life style and experience.
Design is with Epochal Character--Design shall not be defined by style. The works of designers in different times will bear the logo of that era, and the works are a natural revelation and expression of the designer's life style of the corresponding times.
Design is Democratic--Good design shall not become a luxury. It is the designers' constant pursuit to make more people enjoy the beautiful experience brought by excellent products.
Now & Future
Now & Future
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