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Gruppo Armonie
Armonie was born in 2001, it developed and quickly expanded, taking a place among the district's top players.

All this has happened because Armonie was born immediately great, with a bold and far-sighted project even in the small dimensions of a newborn company. For this Armonie has been able to propose and pursue a series of concrete and essential objectives.

The goal was immediately to not be specialized in a particular product, but in all the materials needed for the floor, the covering and the decoration of each environment, always trying to anticipate the trends of architecture and interior design, giving to each environment its own style. This was the goal of the Harmonies project from the beginning.
Gruppo Armonie
Gruppo Armonie
Gruppo Armonie S.p.A.
  • Address Via Statale 467 n.136, 42013 Casalgrande | Italy
  • Tel +39 0536 823.203
  • Fax +39 0536 822.812

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