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Lamitex creates leading decorative laminates: its exclusive registered technology ensures high quality performances, both on the visual and tactile side, thanks to a constant research activity and a fully made in Italy productive chain, always regardful of environmental issues.
Lamitex products are a perfect example of Italian excellence in interior design. They are made with the highest quality and attention to detail to provide laminates with unique stylistic features.
Lamitex decors are designed with highly innovative features both from a technical and aesthetic point of view. They are the ideal solution for interior designers and architects looking for products of high quality and flexibility, with a wide range of finishings and able to give an emotional impact.
All Lamitex products do not contain polluting agent such as phenols and solvents, or any added formaldehyde. They ensure additional security and control, guaranteed by FSC® certified chain.
Combining environmentally-friendly industrial technologies and aesthetic creativity to innovate the furniture, furnishings and interior design sector is what inspired the creation of Lamitex, which was established in 2001 in Gemona del Friuli (UD) as a research and development company in the field of resins and coatings. The commitment towards experiment and research on new materials resulted in an exclusive technology named CLPL® designed in 2004. CLPL® laminates had an immediate success, arising to a sustained growth which led to the first production unit opened in 2007 in Pinzano al Tagliamento (PN). Company’s relocation to its current Spilimbergo headquarters continued its uninterrupted expansion in 2016 with the new plant covering an area of 10.000 m2.
  • Address Zona Industriale Nord 54, 33097 Spilimbergo | Italy
  • Tel (+39) 0427 419313
  • Fax (+39) 0427 419666

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