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Faraone produces stairs, railings and balustrades for exteriors and curtain walls. For years it has succeeded in establishing itself internationally. Constant innovation and the search for perfection are the hallmarks of the brand, one of the first in Italy to use the possibilities of point fixing technology for glass. Faraone now offers a wide range of interior and exterior applications, used in diverse contexts from football stadiums and historical city centres to domestic and professional spaces. Faraone provides interior designers and planners with complete support that extends to the post-sales phase thanks to delivery and assistance services. The company philosophy focuses on extreme care in design with every product the result of in-depth study and research on aesthetics and material combinations. The collaboration of the in-house team with outside offices allows Faraone to experiment and obtain new perspectives on sector trends. In addition to its ability to innovate, the company constantly puts itself to the test to stay ahead of the market. In fact, the Tortoreto-based company has taken a decisive green turn using recyclable materials like glass, aluminium and steel for products that last over time and respect the environment.

Balustrades, staircases, facades: Faraone's transparent architecture

Faraone produces balustrades in a variety of materials and forms. Ninfa is a collection of glass railings used in the Dacia Arena stadium in Udine. Staircases in aluminium, steel and glass are the company's main products, especially the Regale and Mistral models. The same materials are used for interior glass doors and for canopies that embellish outdoor spaces of all kinds. Curtain walls are one of the company's flagship products. With its point-based fixing, Air System brings light and brightness to buildings, allowing a perfect view of the surrounding landscape. The Klima solution prioritises thermal insulation, a choice devoted to sustainability.
Faraone organises events that combine the power of storytelling with customer participation. The Storie di Progetti d'Eccellenza (Stories of Excellent Projects) initiative tells the backstories of some of the company's most iconic productions, like Fuksas' Nuvola in Rome. The Visto che Vista? (Did you see that view?) photo competition rewarded customers' photos of the Ninfa line's transparent balustrades. Finally, l'Arte di generare Arte (The Art of Generating Art), promoted in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in L'Aquila, encouraged students and young designers to create works that could be integrated into Faraone product lines.

The history of Faraone, from aluminium frames to steel and glass staircases

In 1969, Sabatino Faraone founded his company in Tortoreto Lido in the province of Teramo to produce aluminium windows and doors. It was a small business with just one small 80 square metre room, one worker and three apprentices. Faraone's story began from these humble artisan beginnings full of expertise. Over the years, the factory expanded and developed its first innovative solutions. In 1978, the first aluminium staircase was presented to the market. It became the fulcrum of activity that placed the company in leadership positions in Italy, Spain and Poland.
The 1980s saw the arrival of the first double-skin ventilated façades that met with unprecedented success. During the 1990s, the company expanded its aluminium staircase division, followed in the 2000s with continued innovation in point facades. Another turning point came in 2004 when Faraone met architect Mauricio Cardenas Laverde. Their partnership led to the creation of the first open steel and glass staircases, the company's flagship product, bringing Faraone to the international stage. Building on this momentum, the business began to offer new products for interiors and exteriors - from stainless steel balustrades to railings. Today, Faraone is a symbol of Made-in-Italy success with worldwide installations from Japan to Uruguay to the United States, Turkey and Central Europe.
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