Secured Vs Unsecured Cash Loans

by Kizzy Tucker

Life is full of ups and downs where at one time we are happy and all our wishes are satisfied while at the other time the need of money is higher and you work day and night to get money from whatever sources possible. Money can be needed at any time and thanks to the money lending services that we can easily get out of the difficult situations by borrowing money.

Getting out of the financial situation is not easy. There are lots of financial terms and it is particularly difficult to understand each one of them especially when you are in so much need. But understanding them is important as it is the matter of money you are dealing with.


Two of the major loan types are secured and unsecured cash loans and each one have different requirements, different rules and regulations, different interest rate and different amount to be borrowed. Below is the detailed comparison of the two types of loans.


Secured Cash Loans:


As the name suggests, secured cash loans are secured by the assets or collateral. The money that is borrowed must be secured by some asset of the borrower such as motorcycle, car, house or any other property so that if the borrower is unable to pay the loan money with interest at the specified times, the lender have the authority to confiscate the asset of the borrower at any time.


Secure loans are secured and involves less risk for the lender so the interest rate is usually less. It is also one of the best methods to get large amount of money for loans and the lenders will be ready to allow the loans because of the security.


Examples of Secured Cash Loans:


Below is the list of examples that involve secure cash loans:

·         Boat loan

·         Mortgage

·         Auto loan

·         Recreational vehicle loan

·         Home equity line of credit

Unsecured Cash Loans:


Unsecured cash loans is just the opposite of the secured cash loans. So asset is assigned as a security of the lent money and nothing can be done if the borrower cannot pay the money. As unsecured loans are risky for the lenders therefore high interest rates are usually involved in such loans and limited amount of money is lent by the lenders. You can also follow to know more about the unsecured loans.


Examples of Unsecured Cash Loans:

·         Personal lines of credit

·         Credit cards

·         Student loans