10 Super Stealthy And Stylish TV Moutning Ideas

Super ninja ideas to help you hide your huge flat screen TV

by Christina Reed

Thanks to today's technologies you can choose a a flat TV screen in almost any size. Yet, huge TVs don't always blend with the interior decor and become an eyesore. There's a solution in this case, which is concealing them with a flat , swivel or other type of mount.

1. Above The Fireplace

If you prefer, you can install your flat screen TV above the fireplace. To hide it completely, you can make an alcove space a little bit deeper than the edge of the fireplace mantle. By adding a pair of sliding shutters, the plasma or LCD screen will be completely invisible.

2. DIY Door Shutters

There's nothing better than a unique design, which you can achieve with DIY shutters. It can be easily done with flea market doors. You have to only install them on the desired spot. As the shutter will be full-size doors, it will look more natural, like the entrance to another room.

3. Sliding Panels 

Another interesting and creative idea is to use colour panels to hide the wide TV screen. Just like in this post, the two panel parts are in one and the same colour, thus allowing a perfect blend.

4. Deep Niche Swivel

This idea is a very good way to hide the TV. When you're not using it, simply flip it around, so it remains hidden. This is one of the best burglar-proof ways to install your TV.

5. Roll It Behind A Map

If your giant black TV screen is an eyesore a super stealth swivel hiding mechanism, you can hide it behind a sliding map. You know, one of these super wide roll-up maps? You'll benefit in two ways- you'll hide the TV and the map will complement the rest of the décor of your living room.

6. Behind The Family Photographs

You can combine the sliding panels and a family photographs collage. This will make a great hiding mechanism for your new plasma or LED TV.

7. Re-Purpose The Coffee Table

If have no free space at all, but still would like to enjoy the wide-screen home theatre, you can re-purpose the old coffee table into a TV storage.