Raif Dinçkök Cultural Center: shades of Corten steel

Emre Arolat emphasizes the façade element in the Yalova building, near Istanbul in Turkey

by Malcolm Clark
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The Raif Dinçkök Yalova Cultural Center, designed by Emre Arolat, located near Istanbul and precisely in Yalova, a tourist town on the Sea of Marmara, has a dual nature: on the one hand it stands out for its charming landscape, full of colours and vegetation; on the other it is an industrial and manufacturing centre.

The main objective of the project was to relate the architecture, which has a cultural function, to the city and to the inhabitants of the city, attempting to reconcile the conflicting aspects of the place and of the landscape.

Turkish architects Emre Arolat Architects has privileged the façade element of this architecture that, thanks to the use of a material like Corten steel, is constantly enriched with new shades due to oxidation and the formation of the typical protective layer of a purple colour, caused by its exposure to air.

The building's façade is also enriched with a further spectacular feature, as the design of metal mesh represents a homage to traditional Arab architecture, which is characterised by the conspicuous presence of decorative grilles.

The importance attached to a decorative function in Raif Dinçkök Cultural Center also translates into an extremely flexible distribution of internal spaces, because it is completely independent from the outer envelope: the visitor experiences the feeling of being in a large open space, despite the many activities that take place there, conferences, exhibitions, research and entertainment.

    Raif Dinçkök Yalova Cultural Center 46

    Raif Dinçkök Yalova Cultural Center

    Yalova / Turkey / 2011