1001 Nights in Madrid: the 'sculpted' house by A-cero

Dark curved walls conceal a house that comes to life at night with thousands of colours

by Malcolm Clark
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The Vivienda 1001 noche (1001 Nights House) designed by architects A-cero is located on the outskirts of Madrid and is partially concealed by curved concrete walls. The sculptural residence seems to emerge from a large pool of water surrounded by white, grey and black stones, intentionally positioned to form an integral part of the landscaping project.

The sculptural quality that has always distinguished A-cero's architecture is added to the attempt to integrate the building into the environment. A large stone path, flanked by the pool of water, leads to a huge black glass door, which takes you into the house. The client requested a large number of palm trees, pomegranate trees and typical Middle East vegetation in the garden.

The slightly sloping land is exploited in the rear façade of the house, the most visible one, where there is the portico, the swimming pool and the garden which most of the rooms in the house look out on. The whole building is "dressed" in black granite stone in which there are large windows that light up the rooms. The window of the main living room, which is 10 meters wide, is hidden automatically, giving a feeling of merging between the inside and outdoors. At night, the house comes to life thanks to an elaborate lighting system which animates the façade with various coloured lights.

    Vivienda 1001 noche 54

    Vivienda 1001 noche

    Madrid / Spain / 2011