Concrete and slate for Architect Vieira de Campos' Wine Hotel

A long and sinuous shale wall accompanies the natural landscape

by Malcolm Clark
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The project for Francisco Vieira de Campos' Quinta do Vallado Wine Hotel adopts the same balancing strategy of expanding the systems and correct integration in the landscape as the one used for the winery, so that overall solution has a minimum environmental impact. The leitmotif connected to the theme of wine permeates the project with a contemporary language.

Considering the majesty of the surrounding countryside, characterised by a natural architecture giving the area a unique feel, the resort project concentrates on adding a new volume to the landscape defined by a long and sinuous shale wall which accompanies the natural landscape.

The hotel project is drawn up with great spatial and formal clarity. The areas are designed according to use, light, the panoramic view and above all 'well-being'.

The materials used for construction – concrete and slate – define the geometry and appeal to the sensorial qualities of its surfaces, both summarising and defining this new hotel.

Jean Baudrillard, French sociologist and philosopher, calls architecture "a mixture of nostalgia and extreme anticipation": a vision that Vieira de Campos applies to all his projects while still representing a renewed commitment to capture what is unique and cannot be transferred in each architectural episode.

    Quinta do Vallado Wine Hotel 62

    Quinta do Vallado Wine Hotel

    Vilarinho de Freires, Peso da Régua / Portugal / 2012