Labyrinth Rubbings

Tube House Vectors

by Van VanGorder

Labyrinth Rubbings
The environments that intrigue me towards building these drawings into as their Archilovers interactive environment are the Beining Wonderland flexible reading space and by Mad architects and Dulwhich Hill residence by Cplus C architects. Both of these take the tube house idea Eileen Grey and the interior sensibility that pertained to her inspiration is substantially opened out in these initiative to recognize contemporary space and naturalness.
The reading room allows the space to be assimilated into one’s own privacy but with an over- all naturalness that recognizes the creation of interest as motivating a corresponding immersion with a spatial zone that can be osmotic and receptive.
The Dullwhich Residence resolves the sensibility perhaps of French Hotels with their open space by making the open a continuum from out of the tube house zone that is very functionally directed ie bathroom and laundry but the slanted ovoid shape unfolds a momentum into activities that surround, the niche is not an antechamber but a catalyst.
My drawing and one minute video enclosed take my own archival space orientation to information architecture in which a scroll space of the computer formative zone becomes part of the formative nature of the project which is essentially labyrinthine embedded to a monumentality as two time zones that wrap around each other as it were. In the project I present this kind of metaphysical labyrinth with a corollary of its “rubbings” and in the video the spacing or alternation in time frame carry the sense of travelling through a curve space, haltingly and reflectively…