Alexander Brenner Architekten's House am Oberen Berg

White volumes combined to create a sculptural form with minimalist echoes

by Malcolm Clark
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House am Oberen Berg by Alexander Brenner Architekten is a combination of overlying volumes combined to create a sculptural form with minimalist echoes. Each one of them is recognisable as a structure in itself if seen from nearby; from a distance these volumes blend to form a single body.

All of the most private part of the house has floor to ceiling windows opening onto the garden and the swimming pool with a view over the valley and over the surrounding hills. In the whole house the guests witness a play of open and closed spaces which create an ideal continuation of the 'soft' external 'play' of the natural landscape. If necessary, the house can be divided into different size living units.

This house is a new and sustainable reinterpretation of the old dream of a house that may grow and shrink inside the same 'shell'.

The south-west orientation of the house, its large windows and the dark coloured floor guarantee maximum passive solar gains. A great solar system on the roof and a geothermal heat pump integrate the energy concept.

    House am Oberen Berg 108

    House am Oberen Berg

    Stuttgart / Germany / 2007