Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with These Vibrant Green Spaces!

Shamrock-colored architecture to make you feel lucky!

by Angelica Marino
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It’s St. Patrick’s Day and as with most holidays, we at Archilovers love to celebrate with architecture and design! And what better way to pay homage to the luck of the Irish than to ogle over gorgeous green spaces? We’ve compiled a list of  buildings and interiors which showcase just why green is such a lucky color. So sit back, grab a Guinness, and celebrate with us!



The green accents which grace the interiors of Salvator Hotel & Spa in Greece are inspired by the lush, green olive groves which surround the area. The intention was to bring the breathtaking landscape into the internal space. The result is undoubtedly a stylish, luxurious, and interesting space.



SUMIYOSHIDO  is an herbal pharmacy which focuses on oriental medicine. The mint green color was incorporated to illustrate the plant origins of herbal medicine.  It is a space which exudes serenity and purity.



The façade of the mixed residential structure DALIAN XISHAN VILLA is striking, to say the least. It incorporates a mix of green vertical and horizontal elements which are highlighted thanks its the dark backdrop. It also highlights the greenery which surrounds the area.



This has got to be the most elaborate public bathroom I’ve ever seen! 295 folded aluminum strips make up the complex façade of the Public Toilets in the city park of Uster. And the green color makes it a true show-stopper!



TOTBOX is a meeting space designed for the United Mail corporate headquarters in the United States.  This layered, three-dimensional structure  is visible from many vantage points of the space and its vibrant color make it extra eye-catching!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Archilovers!


    Salvator Hotel & Spa 58

    Salvator Hotel & Spa

    Parga / Greece / 2010



    Aichi Prefecture / Japan / 2014



    Dalian / China / 2012

    Public Toilets 41

    Public Toilets

    Uster / Switzerland / 2011

    TOTBOX 4


    Louisville / United States / 2009