Rossignol headquarters: it looks good even without snow

Hérault Arnod architectes designs the new offices of the company at the foot of the French Alps

by Malcolm Clark
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Architects Hérault Arnod, from Grenoble have designed the new Headquarters of Rossignol, iconic alpine and nordic ski equipment manufacturer, not far from the French city where they are based. The company made its first breakthrough when the winner of the downhill race in the 1960 winter Olympics won with the company's first all-metal skis, but it was in the 1980's and 1990's when it became a household name thanks to Italian Slalom skier Alberto Tomba (the Bomba).

Rossignol's image is indelibly linked to the Mountains and snow and the project for its headquarters, far from the office building standards, is a homage to nature but also to technology, an inseparable couple for those practising sport at high levels.

The architecture attempts to restore both of these aspects, fluidity of movements and profile of the snowcapped peaks. The roof which englobes the whole project proposes a complex topography in tune with the nature of the landscape which comprises a state of the art mixture of technical functions and solutions.

Inside, the headquarters operates like a technological “hive”, where the various tasks interact in continuous spaces and on different occasions to stimulate participation and exchange of skills.

The building is designed to have minimum environmental impact, with its great wooden hat to guarantee excellent isolation and screen the sun's rays so as to keep energy consumption down to a minimum.

    Rossignol Headquarters 55

    Rossignol Headquarters

    Saint Jean de Moirans / France / 2009