Times Square Building Gets a Dose of Flower Power

British artist uses flowers to transform urban interiors into visually-stunning spaces

by Angelica Marino
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Imagine being able to start your work day by passing through a vibrant, fragrant curtain of flowers. Crowds of people walking into the Viacom building in Times Square will have the pleasure of being greeted thusly thanks to British artist Rebecca Louise Law. Her opulent hanging flower exhibitions have been generating interest all around Europe, as they transform urban sites into natural, ethereal spaces. ‘Flowers 2015: Outside In’ marks her American debut which has transformed the global media headquarters into a hanging meadow full of colors, textures, and scents.



As with most of Law’s creations, this installation was a collaborative effort. Hundreds of Viacom’s employees volunteered to help create the piece, stringing over 15,000 flowers onto copper wire to be hung above the entrance. 14 different types of flowers were used including Roses, Hydrangeas, Carnations, Thistles, and Gypsophilias.



In true keeping with the artist’s respect for nature, the piece is designed to transform over time. Initially, fresh flowers radiate vibrant colors and fragrances which are slowly preserved as they dry. The remaining sculpture turns into something like potpourri and emanates a similar scent, displaying the potential of each flower, illustrating the artist’s desire to figuratively juxtapose contemporary society with nature.