Citterio&Partners design Eden Hotel in Bormio, Italy

A sequence of small buildings where essential lines and natural wood dominate

by Malcolm Clark
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Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners have designed EDEN HOTEL, officially opened last February in Bormio. It represents the result of a blend of class, refinement and comfort and extends its elegant and distinguished philosophy to every tiny detail.

Eden Hotel is a home and a hotel at the same time, characterised by pure elements like wood, glass and stone which create a modern and linear structure, responding to rigorous criteria of quality and eco-sustainability.

The significant volume of the project has been broken into a sequence of mini-buildings which are tall and narrow and draw a sort of line up the valley. The mini-buildings are completely wood clad with pioda (a flat slate-like stone) roofs and are surprising for their generous empty façades perforated by loggia-like entrances, even double height, and large glazed openings, which are quite unusual for a mountain environment. The position of the hotel, wedged in the partially modelled slope, creates two different heights creating two access ways: a road entrance leading to the underground car park and a pedestrian one uphill directly from the ski slopes.

The plan of two two-building units permitted optimisation of space by creating a single two-entrance staircase for each unit and at the same making transversal crossings more animated.

The construction technology aims at maximising the passive heat exchange of buildings by using super-insulating perimeter packages, thanks to the climate mitigation capability of the loggia-like openings and the high performance glazing.

The 27 luxury rooms and suites with essential lines are completely clad in natural wood and carefully furnished in all their details. Inside all the rooms the aroma of European organic larch wood gives an immediate sensation of well-being and harmony.

    EDEN HOTEL 149


    Bormio / Italy / 2012