6 Minimal Kitchens That Are Anything But Boring

Get inspired by these breathtaking basic spaces

by Angelica Marino
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The kitchen: it’s where the magic happens. Even if you’re a far cry from a home chef, I bet you still spend most of your time at home in the kitchen. It’s the heart of every home and that means it should be organized, functional and of course, beautiful. A minimalist design is a surefire way to turn your kitchen into the perfect home hub. Here to prove it are these six gorgeous minimalist masterpieces.



Sleek, white, clean, with a touch of rusticity. The kitchen in Vedbaek House proves that it doesn’t take much to add warmth to a perfectly modern space. The total white is gently offset by an illuminated wooden beam which accentuates the linearity of the white-painted flooring. Its connection to the living area achieves a sense of openness and ease, perfectly combining simplicity with style.



Concrete gives an industrial touch to this essential space in Mühlestrasse 22. The pairing of the wooden lamp, laminate counter, and concrete walls adds a depth of textures that is further accentuated by the yellow chairs.




Leave it to glass and marble to create an ultra luxe kitchen. The all-white background in The Park House allows the glass table and marble counter to take center stage in this perfect balance of purity and extravagance. Further proof that just the right amount of texture can take a space from blah to wow!



Behold, the power of a brick wall! This, along with the coarse wood flooring, makes the Bermondsey Warehouse Loft kitchen so minimal, yet so rich! It's really amazing how so many textures can coexist without being overpowering. On the contrary, it makes for a gorgeous, simplistic ambience. 



Located on a small island on the North Sea, this adorable kitchen in FÖHR is as culturally relevant as it is stylish. It pays homage to Friesian architectural ancestry which equated wealth with painted ceramic tiles. Here, these simplistic yet chic tiles are perfectly offset by the course wood floor. It’s cute, it’s basic, and it’s functional; what more could you want?



How can you not fall in love with the super trendy white ceramic tiles offset by grey grout, the kitchen island, and the overhead lighting in the  Rocha Apartment? A white fireplace adds a sleek halt to the tile wall which continues over towards the bar. A wood paneled kitchen block allows hosts to cook while facing guests, as a dining table expands out from it, seating up to six people. An overhanding streamlined lamp illuminates this functional, homey-chic space.


If you’ve got the sudden urge to renovate your kitchen, we don’t blame you. Just remember, go minimal or go home!




    Vedbaek House 67

    Vedbaek House

    Vedbaek / Denmark / 2009

    Mühlestrasse 22 19

    Mühlestrasse 22

    Menzingen / Switzerland / 2013

    The Park House 45

    The Park House

    Singapore / Singapore / 2011

    Bermondsey Warehouse Loft 147

    Bermondsey Warehouse Loft

    London / United Kingdom / 2014

    Föhr 86


    Alkersum / Germany / 2012

    Rocha Apartment 74

    Rocha Apartment

    Barcelona / Spain / 2014