5 Exquisite Fireplaces To Get You Hyped For Winter

Grab a blanket and check out these ultra-cozy winter hearths

by Angelica Marino
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 If you’re still dreaming about the sun-kissed beaches of your summer vacation, it’s time to snap out of it. As the days get shorter and  we settle into our hats, scarves, and winter jackets, it’s about time we shift our daydreams towards snowy nights nestled around warm fireplaces. And what better way to get into the winter mood than to ogle over some of the most gorgeous, cozy, and totally modern  fireplaces you’ve ever seen? So grab some hot cocoa and a blanket and snuggle up to these idyllic firesides.



This fireplace in Lake Cottage by UUfie adds the perfect amount of warmth to a home wrapped in a winter wonderland. Plenty of windows surround it, revealing a picturesque birch forest. The wood hearth is the main source of heating in a space insulated by thick walls and ventilated by skylights and windows. Minimal décor  highlights the simplicity and shape of the fireplace as well as the home itself.




The layout of the fireplace  in Casa Corallo by Alejandro Paz really brings nature indoors. The design preserved the trees of the forest on which the home sits and pays homage to wood in a number of ways. It’s a true haven where nature lovers can soak in the wood elements visible in  the flooring, framework, the internal tree, surrounding birch forest, and even the firewood cracking on the modern, elegant fireplace.



fabio gianoli’s PENTHOUSE was inspired and designed around this fireplace. It’s a suspender fireplace  made of natural metal sheets built by STIFLER. It is the focal point of the kitchen and fittingly connects it to the dining and living area, adding a relaxing element to an area which already exudes minimalism and serenity. 



The rugged limestone walls in casati - hub for architecture and research's Casa Prè de Sura serve many functions. They insulate and absorb moisture in the winter and cool the house in the warmer months. Aesthetically, they provide  a stark contrast to the clean, sleek texture of the fireplace, highlighting its elegance. Its geometric shape makes it a focal point of a room rich with textures and subtle neutrals that practically begs one to cozy up to the fireside.



No, it’s not an art piece, it’s actually a fireplace! But the smooth, swooping design of this piece makes it look more like an artistic sculpture than a home fixture. Undeniably in keeping with the polished, glossy style of Los Lagos en La Finca, it gives subtle sophistication to a time honored source of comfort.


    Lake Cottage 63

    Lake Cottage

    Kawartha Lakes / Canada / 2013

    Casa Corallo 1093

    Casa Corallo

    Guatemala City / Guatemala / 2011



    Sondrio / Italy / 2011

    Casa Prè de Sura 170

    Casa Prè de Sura

    San Martino In Badia / Italy / 2010

    Los Lagos en La Finca 45

    Los Lagos en La Finca

    Pozuelo de Alarcón / Spain / 2009