The devil wears Prada...and Zaha too

Hadid designed the latest exhibition for the Design Museum

by eleonora usseglio prinsi
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EXHIBITION _ “It was an Olympian performance and I'm afraid I loved that” is the comment of the British fashion writer and co-curator Colin McDowell about the set up designed byZaha Hadid for the recently inaugurated Women Fashion Power exhibition at the Design Museum in London.

We want to develop this concept of power and energy through the space. There are essentially three explosions: a corridor with 16 of the most influential dressers in history, the area of the fashion timeline and an 'arena' of the contemporary women” explained the co-curator Donna Loveday to archilovers.

Zaha Hadid organized the space like fragments of an explosion employed as a mode of display . Highlighting individual pieces whilst also creating a sense of cohesiveness for the many disparate objects exhibited. Suspended mirror panels reflect the displays and further accentuate the sense of fragmented energy and viewing perspectives that are all, ultimately, interconnected.
Unfortunately this mix of mirrors, hung lights and sheets of translucent neon-yellow plastic cause a sense of bewilderment without giving to the visitors a neat way to follow through the exhibition.

The exhibition showcases more than twenty contemporary women, each of whom are contributing an outfit for display as well as sharing their personal style philosophy. Unmissable Dame Hadid with a Prada cream satin cape worn during the opening ceremony of the MAXXI in Rome in 2010.

I read articles about Zaha Hadid's wardrobe and all the designers that she likes; Prada was one of the keys" told Loveday" Zaha loves Prada and all the concepts behind the brand. She offered two-three options for the exhibition, but Prada is her favorite design, and somebody that Miuccia Prada is pretty much about is designing clothes that empower women, so it was the perfect choice being parallel to the exhibition”.

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Credits: Cover photo GUIDO MONTANI/epa/Corbis; exhibition Mirren Rosie

Design Museum: Women Fashion Power run until 26 April 2015 
Shad Thames London

  • Abri d'art

    I think Zaha show us already many many things quite superior but maybe she just did something to show the mannequins which, frankly, doesn't show real beautiful cloths. Zahra her self doesn't look very happy with this kind of dress apart the decorated sleeves.

Women Fashion Power exhibition 8

Women Fashion Power exhibition

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