The International Fassa Bortolo 'Domus Restoration and Preservation' Award

Awards presented in Ferrara Italy

by Malcolm Clark
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Last Wednesday, the 28th March, the Architecture Department of the University of Ferrara was the venue for the awards ceremony of the International 'Domus Restoration and Preservation Award'

The award, sponsored by Fassa Bortolo and by the Architecture Department of Ferrara, was presented in the presence of the Jury, chaired by the Director of the University of Rome's “School of Specialisation in Architectural Heritage and Landscape”, Professor Giovanni Carbonara, and of exponents of the academic world and of the Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities.

The selection rewarded the projects which best interpreted the principles of preservation according to a clear and scientific method, as well as being coherent with the current trends of restoration.

The winning project for the Built Projects section was the restoration of the Bofilla Tower in Bétera, Valencia (Spain), designed by Fernando Vegas and Camilla Mileto and performed by the restoration company UTE Freyssinet-Blauverd.

Silver medals were awarded to three projects: the preservation of the Nagaur Fort, in Rajastha (India); the work on the old National Archive in Scockholm (Sweden); the restoration of the Santo Stefano Rotondo Basilica, in Rome (Italy) and its conversion into a museum.

There were also four special mentions highlighting the outstanding quality of the work performed.

The second edition of the Award involved the participation of 90 designers coming from all over the world and consisted of professionals in the 'Built Projects' section and young graduates for the degree, Post graduate or specialisation 'thesis' section.

    Restoration of Bofilla Tower in Bétera 19

    Restoration of Bofilla Tower in Bétera

    Valencia / Spain / 2011

    Preservation of the Nagaur Fort 13

    Preservation of the Nagaur Fort

    Ranvas / India / 2011

    The old National Archive in Stockholm 10

    The old National Archive in Stockholm

    Stockholm / Sweden / 2011

    Restoration of the Santo Stefano Rotondo Basilica 8

    Restoration of the Santo Stefano Rotondo Basilica

    Rome / Italy / 2011