The luxury and sumptuousness of SAOTA's Nettleton 199

Dramatic and dynamic interior space with a backdrop of calm and serenity

by Malcolm Clark
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The brief was to create a building that maximised the connection with the view and the sea, to create a garden on the mountain side of the site and to minimise views over neighbouring buildings” says Greg Truen, Project Partner and co-founder of SAOTA architects.

Nettleton 199 is located on the side of Lion's Head, the mountain which dominates Cape Town in South Africa and has a terrific view over the Atlantic Ocean.

The entrance hall is a dramatic vertical space which contrasts the spaces of the living area. The volume of this large area is modulated by the two level floor and by the bedroom floor which floats in space suspended from the ceiling.

This gentle 's' shaped element contains the master bedroom and ancillary spaces which are separated from the bedroom by walnut shutters.

The building provides a volumetrically dramatic and dynamic interior space on a grand scale.”  says Adam Court, creative director of OKHA Interiors, the company which designed the interior furniture and accessories. Our “objective … was to create a softer and intimate counterpoint whilst not jeopardising the clean, geometric lines of the architecture. These elements can harmoniously co-exist and work off each other”.

The furniture and finishing accessories chosen give the interior a comfortable, natural and organic nature that generates a climate of calm and serenity throughout the house.

    Nettleton 199 229

    Nettleton 199

    Cape Town / South Africa / 2011