Carlos and Gerard Pascal's 'Casa El Secreto' in Mexico

You cannot talk about the present and the future with language of the past

by Malcolm Clark
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Casa El Secreto or SECRET HOUSE is a contemporary family house designed by Mexican architects Carlos and Gerard PascalG in a colonial area of Chimalistac classified as Historical.

The context of the area has an untouched colonial character compared to the urban sprawl occurring elsewhere. The intervention in a historical area posed the dilemma of whether to adapt or blend into the context, reaching the conclusion that “by ideology we could not talk about the present and future with the language of the past”.

The most important thing has been an intelligent design to make the house as comfortable as possible. For its durability and maintenance as well as its ageless quality and the increasing dignity it obtains in time, concrete is the main material used.

One of the main objectives was that of obtaining maximum natural illumination and a view of the gardens and of creating a series of intimate and welcoming spaces connected to one another. The whole house has been designed in modules and multiples of feet thus generating different sizes of overlapping rectangles.

    Secret Guest House 15

    Secret Guest House

    Mexico City / Mexico / 2011