Is it really time to construct real buildings with LEGO mode?

A new way to build with toy-shaped bricks

by Serena L. Rosato
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TECHNOLOGY_How many times have you played with Lego imagining to build your own home? Have you ever wondered how it would be in real life? Now is finally possible to use giant LEGO-bricks to build real construction. 

Kite-Brick is a revolutionary block covered by issued and pending US and international patents, the block being amenable for building houses, high-rises, office buildings, bridges and more. The block is constructed of high-strength concrete with unique properties that allow for the building of truly ecological structures, with large savings in electric bills associated with seasonal heating and cooling. The block allows for faster, cheaper, more precise, and stronger building than is available through traditional building methods.



Kite-Brick blocks are designed to be easily joined together, with internal spaces for insulation and infrastructure elements to be run through the blocks and allow for their easy access. Floors, walls, and ceilings are all constructed by appropriate blocks to allow for facile, solid construction with little mess and significantly reduced building costs. Estimates show that using the Kite-Brick block system can lead to savings of greater than 30% for a five storey building.



The block’s unique thermal properties drive significant savings in heating and cooling costs for structures of all sizes. It is known in the industry that ~60% of energy costs for a building are associated with heating and cooling, including water heating. The smart block redirects heat in the summer, while trapping it for building use in the winter. The block’s design allows for greater thermal control of the internal environment and this leads to significant savings for owners as well as a smaller energy footprint overall. The block is also amenable to clean, quiet building methods, as the blocks are made to order, including shapes, sizes and finishes, both inside and out. The required blocks are delivered to a building site, where, in combination with traditional doors, windows, etc., a structure is quickly and quietly completed with a minimum of labor, debris, or mess. The method of Kite-Brick™ construction also significantly reduces the requirements for natural materials such as sand, iron, and water. The blocks have been designed with the aid of top experts in building and design; the block and its associated structures are made for extreme strength, including durability during earthquakes, gale-force winds and weather-related stresses.



Real alternatives to the Kite-Brick block today do not exist. Most building blocks are “dumb” in that they simply provide a structural scaffolding onto or through which important elements are decorated—just as was done 100 years ago. Some “advanced” blocks may include insulation space or holes for light switches and the like. But the Kite-Brick smart block offers it all: high thermal control, full passage of pipes, wires, cables and the like, finishes for both indoors and outdoors, extraordinary tensile strength, ease of construction, safety of materials, and total application throughout a structure—floors, ceilings, and walls. The Kite-Brick system is the solution for building from Africa to Manhattan. Architects consulted in block development see a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities with the block for making inexpensive, revolutionary structures, from single homes to multi-storey towers.

Application of the Kite-Brick method is relevant for the whole world, from modern states to third-world countries. The block’s patented design is flexible enough to be relevant from London to India. The block’s low cost and unique flexibility of application means that it can be constructed from a wide range of materials, reflecting locally available resources as well as traditional methods. The block offers advantages to the Indian farmer as well as to the French office building worker. The blocks allow expression of the individuality of the owners/occupants of the final structure, while always giving low construction cost, high quality of performance and outstanding thermal behavior. While we anticipate choosing certain favorable markets for initial block penetration, we do believe that the block will find acceptance throughout the world. Wherever there is a need for building, Kite-Brick™ will be there.


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