Tectonic Plates In Cyber Urban Environment

Threads of Bridge, Bricks, Street Art in Cyber Building Virtuality

by Van VanGorder

The On line building environment on present page includes a competion using the theme of bridge space, an article on Googles' involvement with an exhibition on street art and a hashtag compendium towards brick work. These are thevirtual threads I use to build the following project into the cyber environment.

The rules of my cyber building pertain to structures that are essentially mass models of drawing, in which windows do not pertain to cyber space, cyberspace being the effective window. I build a "dragonfly house with butterfly"  drawing construction in which is embedded my actual project: the plateware in such a house. Working running prints in a firm that designed plateware for an airline the tectonic adventure of such plates strikes my imagination at this time in relation to the brige's space,( of contingency), in relation to the bricks hands on morphology of physically marked topology. Googles link of real to virtual space motivates a kind of sense of the globality underlying virtuality, in which "earth art" has an altered potential as ii were towards recognising terrain.

The plateware is then a topological form that embeds all these experiences in topology and kinetics of its own that relates movement through cyber and real space through a kind of metamorphosis indicated in the house title.