Aesthetic precision in the renovation of Palazzo Telesio in Trani

An eighteenth century residence is home to a discreet yet elegant resort designed by NCBARCHITETTURA in collaboration with architect Giuseppe Fragasso

by Malcolm Clark
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Marè Resort has been created inside the eighteenth century building PALAZZO TELESIO, overlooking the harbour of Trani, in Puglia, Italy and is the work of the NCB ARCHITETTURA in collaboration with Bari architect Giuseppe Fragasso. Palazzo Telesio was built in 1761 by the Antonacci family and develops over several floors: starting from the cool basement caves, then there is the magnificent hall, the first floor, or “noble floor”, still occupied by the Telesio Dukes of Toritto, the second floor which now houses the 13 rooms and the terrace with its unrivalled view of the famous cathedral, one of the finest examples of Apulian Romanesque architecture.

The Palazzo underwent an extension on the eastern side after the demolition of the Frederican walls and then radical transformations in 1845, on a project by architect Luigi Castellucci, who gave the main façade a neoclassical look.

One of the 'surprises' of this building is the Carriage Museum, the Telesio family's private collection since 1956, which houses a collection of 34 carriages: morning, evening, dame and hunting carriages, as well as coachmen's uniforms and saddlery for horses.

The work is characterised by absolute aesthetic precision, highlighted by a design with delicate shades of white, beige and brown created by CULTI concept.

Aliseo, Favonio, Levante, Tramontana...are some of the names of the 13 rooms, characterised by a discreet and essential elegance embellished by details like the stone seats in front of the windows which look out over the harbour.

Natural materials like wood, iron and glass merge perfectly with the classical stone architecture.