Karuizawa museum: a homage to Yoshizawa - Origami grand master - designed by Yasui Hideo Atelier

The Japanese paper folding technique becomes architecture

by Malcolm Clark
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The famous Japanese craft of paper folding is the source of inspiration for the architect Yasui Hideo in his latest architecture to be found in the museum complex of Karuizawa in the area of Nagano.

The complex is situated in the volcanic territory of the Yatsugatake mountains and the new building has been designed to go alongside the museum dedicated to the internationally famous Japanese artist Hiroshi Senju, which is characterised by the sequence of curved surfaces and lines.

Yasui Hideo's objective has been that of generating a deliberate contrast, creating a building with a total absence of curves and defined by the continual folding of surfaces like origami paper.

It is, therefore, a provocation that the architect firstly reproduced on paper and then by folding the metallic shell of the building into various triangular portions.

    Karuizawa Museum 22

    Karuizawa Museum

    Karuizawa / Japan / 2011