Expo 2015 Milan: Germany begins construction of its pavilion

The groundbreaking ceremony today

by Cecilia Di Marzo
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EXPO 2015_Construction work began earlier today - 02.04.2014 - on The German Pavilion at EXPO Milano 2015. This means that the Federal Republic of Germany is the first participant country to commence construction work on the EXPO grounds.

Dietmar Schmitz, Commissioner General of the German Pavilion and Head of the Division for Trade Fair Policy and EXPO Participation at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi), performed the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony together with Giuseppe Sala, General Commissioner of EXPO Milano 2015. Schmitz: “It is a great pleasure for me to make the first cut of the spade on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany. As of today, the German Pavilion will take shape more and more every day.”

In Milan, Germany will be represented by one of the largest buildings.
Sala: “We have no doubt that the German Pavilion will once again deliver an excellent performance in 2015. Germany has a first-class overall concept that I am sure will appeal greatly to visitors.” Now that construction work on the pavilion has commenced, the topping-out ceremony has been scheduled for the coming autumn.

The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy has commissioned Messe Frankfurt with the task of organising and running the German Pavilion. The company has extensive international experience and has its own subsidiary in Milan.

The German Pavilion will be built by a consortium of companies consisting of Milla & Partner (Stuttgart), SCHMIDHUBER (Munich) and Nüssli Deutschland (Roth, near Nuremburg). Within the consortium, Milla & Partner will be responsible for the overall concept and for exhibition and media design, Schmidhuber for architecture and general planning, and Nüssli for implementation and project management.



The German Pavilion offers visitors to EXPO 2015 insight into innovative and at times surprising approaches from Germany in human nutrition in the future, and invites visitors to take action themselves. Germany depicts agriculture as a strong, modern sector and an intrinsic aspect of its unique cultural landscape. The pavilion offers visitors a new and quite unexpected Germany: open, warm, friendly and whimsical – clearly bringing the pavilion’s motto to life: “Fields of Ideas”. 


The German pavilion translates the German field and meadow landscape into its architecture in a striking and surprising way: a building consisting of a gently sloping landscape level with a freely accessible surface and a thematic exhibition inside.

Formally, the architecture is reminiscent of a “supplanted landscape” set in the pavilion’s premises which gradually slopes upward to a height of 10 meters. The German pavilion then applies the concept of stylised fields and meadows in great detail. The use of different native woods, with varied grains and tones, creates a highly distinctive design.


In this landscape, with clearly discernible fields, stylised plants grow as "idea seedlings" up from the exhibition to the exterior surface, creating a large, protective canopy. These are the connecting elements, dovetailing the exterior and interior, the architecture and the exhibition itself. The unusual, organic flowing lines express pioneering innovations inspired by nature. 


On the landscape level, the visitor embarks on a pleasurable and stimulating journey marked by exciting perspectives onto the textile leaf canopy – an intriguing interplay of light and shade, of relaxation and discovery. This is where visitors are offered the first “teasers” – from above down through the planting “holes” right into the heart of the exhibition.

The highest point of the open visitor route offers an impressive panoramic view of the pavilion, the vibrant visitor activities taking place below, and the sweeping EXPO grounds all the way down to the EXPO lake.


The German restaurant for 350 guests with a freely accessible outdoor seating area is located in the southwest corner of the German pavilion. From the restaurant, visitors have an unobstructed view of the event stage and the outdoor cultural program. Adjacently, a sweeping landscape tribune invites guests to take a seat. This area, the “German Piazza”, is the central and very lively spot where people can meet and interact.

For more information, please visit www.expo2015-germany.de 

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    Germany Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015

    Milan / Italy / 2015