Milan: Matteo Nunziati and Natevo for a CityLife apartment

Balance between aesthetic rigour and functionality for products inspired by German Rationalism

by Malcolm Clark
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Interior designer Matteo Nunziati designs one of the apartments of Zaha Hadid's CityLife Residences in Milan with the company Natevo. Natevo, the new brand created by Flou, produces a complete range of furniture that integrates LED capable of fully illuminating the environment in which they are placed.

For the Citylife apartment Matteo Nunziati has designed furniture and accessories, Natevo has developed the lighting project.

We wanted to create a pleasant and contemporary atmosphere, with essential elements on the one hand and emotional ones on the other” asserts the designer. “The products I have designed are inspired by the German rationalism of the Bauhaus movement where functionality and rigour become beauty and elegance. The characteristic common to all of the furniture is its straight, tight and decisive lines, a sort of rigorous and geometrical scaffolding which is in turn becomes bookcases, cabinets, dining tables, coffee tables, chairs, beds and wardrobes. The lighting fixtures are inserted into the tubes and the final effect is a pleasant contrast between the geometry of the structure and the enveloping softness of the indirect light. The materials used for the furniture are traditional and sophisticated: aluminium, wood and marble. A contrast is perceived that becomes a balance between ancient and modern, between contemporary lines, innovative technology and materials and surfaces of the memory. A special feature of our study is to seek a balance between aesthetics and functionality, poetry and concreteness, emotion and practicality. For this reason we feel a particular affinity with the furniture design of CityLife.”

The apartment decorated by Matteo Nunziati is the first of three Zaha Hadid Citylife Residences to be furnished by Natevo. The company has chosen to assign the preparation of the two other apartments to different interior designers, each with its own language, who can offer solutions that will bring out the best out of the products of the new brand.

The second apartment will be furnished by Studio Viscido of Salerno, “chosen for its extraordinary openness to change and the even daring flexibility with which it creates eco-friendly and sustainable projects in perfect symbiosis with sophisticated clients who cultivate dreams and seek passion.”

The office Toner Architects, on the other hand, chosen for the third apartment come from Istanbul. “The pool of professionals work by focusing on the sense of space and the use of light as an art form. A stylistic note expressed in the modern reinterpretation of the classic and in the wise use of precious materials for decorating restaurants, residences, boutiques and prestigious hotels.”

The CityLife Residences designed by Zaha Hadid and by Daniel Libeskind in CityLife are the first houses completed in the whole intervention area.

    Residenze Hadid 113

    Residenze Hadid

    Milan / Italy / 2015

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    Residenze Libeskind

    Milan / Italy / 2015