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Stalker * / Crystalactite: Atelier Swarovski & Maison Martin Margiela by Baptiste Debombourg

by Serena L. Rosato
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INSTALLATION_ Another wonderful installation by the French artist Baptiste Debombourg: this time he celebrates the presentation of the avant-garde new jewelry collection ‘Crystalactite’ and debut ‘Stalker’, the new collaboration between Maison Martin Margiela and Atelier Swarovski.

Crystalactite’ is the limited edition set of futuristic jewels created using an innovative fusion technique that blends crystal and matte white resin so the crystals appears to emerge spontaneously from their natural, stony origin. In response to the concept of fusion, artist Baptiste Debombourg has created a site-specific installation entitled ‘Stalker’.



Composed of cascading layers of shattered, laminated glass covering furniture and resembling stalactites, Debombourg’s crystalline structure is a perfect creative foil to Atelier Swarovski by Maison Martin Margiela’s ‘ Crystalactite’ collection. Shattered, ripped, dismantled raw materials create the basis of Baptiste Debombourg’s work, upon which otherwise unimportant and discarded objects undergo radical transformations. Strong , both in its magnitude and visual impact, Debombourg’s works of art reinvent everyday items, playing with irony, embellishment, and, with an undercurrent of detachment and violence. A self-proclaimed “researcher”, Debombourg constantly experiments and collaborates.  A private cocktail will be held to celebrate the launch on 5th December at the Maison Martin Margiela Boutique in the Miami Design District.


© STALKER - Courtesy Galerie Patricia Dorfmann - Paris

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