The Platform for Nano-safety has officially opened in Grenoble

A 'lattice' façade which alludes to the atomic structure of fullerenes

by Malcolm Clark
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At the end of November the Plate-forme Nano Sécurité du CEA designed by Chabanne & Partenaires was opened in Grenoble in France. Research laboratories, a Laboratory of Medical Biology, an occupational health service, an education and communication service with rooms for classes and meetings, offices and garages inside the GIANT Innovation Campus which aims to promote interventions in the field of Nanosafety to ensure the responsible distribution of nanomaterials applied to the fields of environment and health.

The new Platform contains technique, research and training in the field of safety of nanomaterials, offering a concrete and operational response to all the researchers and operators who use these technologies. The PNS has been designed to be seen and noticed as a strong signal within the campus. The design of the platform expresses the specificity of nanotechnology and energy research. To identify, to mark its image, to be identifiable and innovative; these are the characteristics of architectural design.

The membrane that covers the R & D laboratories are the project's hallmark. A mesh consisting of hexagons that allude to the atomic structure of fullerenes (carbon molecules that can assume a geometric shape that resembles a sphere, an ellipsoid, a tube or a ring). The dark colour and the texture of the façade also recall the appearance of graphite, a carbon allotrope. This external 'mesh' was adopted to restrict the internal view of these “sensitive” environments while not obstructing the view from the inside outwards.

    Plate-forme Nano Sécurité du CEA 20

    Plate-forme Nano Sécurité du CEA

    Grenoble / France / 2013