The exclusive view of Forest Bath in Nagano, Japan

An intimate and isolated place amongst Japanese Larch

by Malcolm Clark
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Forest bath, a summer house situated in a forest dominated by enormous larch with no particular view but the sun and the trees has been designed by Katsuyuki Ozeki and Kyoko Ikuta.

A slanting roof with a triangular shape cut in one side which extends the view obliquely upwards towards the trees,undoubtedly represents the key element of the whole project.

The large triangular opening defines the central area of the house which benefits from the natural light and shade of the larch with the changing hours of the day.

There being no horizontal openings but only slanting ones, both wings of the house are darker,  illuminated by the wavering light from the central room.

The designers have gone along with the wishes of the customer, an elderly couple, who wanted somewhere to spend their free time, where they could relax far from prying eyes with a view of the majestic surrounding trees.

    Forest bath 73

    Forest bath

    Nagano / Japan / 2010